• Standale Home Studio

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  • About Us

    When finishing your home, Standale Home Studio will provide you with top tier interior design, products, and installation. From your cabinets and counters to your flooring, we will create a custom solution to create the home of your dreams.

    The Standale Home Studio family is grateful for all the blessings that have kept us going and we look forward to continued growth and new lessons to be learned while working together as a devoted team ready to serve our customers. We take pride in the fact that we are there for our customers every step of the way.

  • Meet The Team

    Flooring Team

    Danette Bailey

    Flooring Manager

    Patty Bylsma

    Flooring Sales & Interior Design

    Brent Hart

    Flooring Sales & Interior Design

    Robin Sharp

    Flooring Sales & Interior Design

    Darci Sieggreen

    Flooring Sales & Interior Design

    Sean Dykstra

    Flooring Sales

    Mari George

    Flooring Support Staff

    Dawn Holtvluwer

    Flooring Support Staff

    Jenny Meyer

    Flooring Support Staff

    Randy Root

    Tile Installation Coordinator/Estimator

    Rob Bomers

    Flooring Measurer

  • Cabinetry Team

    Anneke Huisman

    Cabinetry Design & Sales

    Yuliya Kononova

    Cabinetry Design & Sales

    Jill Peterson

    Cabinetry Design & Sales

    Stacy Eddy

    Cabinetry Sales Support

    Sarah Veltema

    Cabinet Manager

  • Support Team

    Sam Rich

    Studio Manager

    Carolyn Ash


    Alissa Jacobs


    Cindy Baas

    Financial Controller

    Gerri Guerrero

    Credit Manager


    Human Resources

    Cindy Pylman

    Accounts Payable

    Sarah Towner

    Accounting Associate