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Known for their durability and captivating selections, quartz countertops are fabricated from natural quartz and laced with glass or metallic flecks. This non-porous material never requires sealing and resists stains, scratches, and acids. This engineered quartz is versatile, but common applications include kitchen countertops and backsplashes.


Imbued with the beauty of natural stone, laminate provides an affordable way to revitalize your home. Not just limited to basic faux stone and wood grain patterns, modern high-pressure laminates (HPLs) offer versatile decorative opportunities with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Without the hassle of sealing or special cleaners, these surfaces are practically maintenance-free. Its stain-resistant surface and antimicrobial protection also make it a family-friendly choice.



Pairing luxurious charm with long-term durability, granite serves as the perfect focal point for your bath and kitchen. From subtle earth tones to vibrant shades with captivating veining, every slab is unique. With it heat and scratch-resistant surface, this natural stone can last a lifetime.


For a warm, cottage kitchen look, opt for butcher-block-style wood countertops. Both decorative and functional, this hardworking surface is ideal for food prep — properly sealed, wood countertops are sanitary even for chopping meat. Unlike other budget-friendly options, like laminate, wood is highly heat-resistant so you don’t have to worry about putting hot pots and pans on the surface. Anthony and John, the Cousins on Call, installed wraparound wood countertops in this cozy kitchen, but most homeowners choose to mix wood countertops with other surfaces like natural or engineered stone to provide a variety of prep surfaces.


The current darling of the design world, the gray-toned veining in Carrara or Calacatta marble isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it also helps to disguise wear and hide light stains. With timeless appeal, this stone gives any kitchen a decidedly high-end look and, although the cost is comparable to some granites, marble is porous so staining can be a problem. Regular sealing and special care with anything acidic to prevent etching will keep the creamy surface looking its best.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel lends a modern, industrial look to a stylish kitchen. The metal surface coordinates with any color and is one of the easiest countertop materials to clean — just wipe off stains with a cloth and mild soap. The most appealing characteristic of this material is its ability to inhibit bacterial buildup, making it the most hygienic countertop available.


Aside from its sleek, streamlined appearance, glass countertops have many benefits. Glass can be cut into any shape and texture and the color options are endless. Although it’s a pricier option, the popularity of glass countertops is on the rise thanks to its modern look. It’s easy to keep clean and its non-porous surface makes it stain-resistant and one of the most hygienic countertop materials available. For durability, choose glass that’s at least 1 inch thick and tempered.



A thick concrete countertop is the focal point in this modern kitchen designed by Rebekah Zaveloff. Concrete countertops are highly customizable — you can choose any stain color and texture. Concrete mixes well with many different materials, such as glass, tile and marble to create a one-of-a-kind look. Aside from its eye-pleasing appearance, it is energy efficient — when the temperature in your home rises, concrete captures the heat and releases it when the temperature cools down.


Highly stain and bacteria resistant, soapstone is a non-porous natural stone that’s available in a range of gray tones from light to dark, all with subtle veining. Unlike other natural stones, it doesn’t require yearly sealing but regular applications of mineral oil will help to disguise any surface scratches, add sheen and deepen the stone’s color over time.



A creamy travertine countertop lends a classic Old World look to this neutral kitchen designed by Lisa Stanley. If you don’t fill and seal its pitted surface, it can trap food and bacteria and absorb liquids, which makes it more high maintenance than other countertop surfaces. Despite its high maintenance, this material is one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices and brings a warm, inviting feel to any kitchen design style.


While tile works great with backsplashes and bathroom floors, it’s also a great choice for countertops that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. It’s simple to coordinate with or mix and match with different design styles. patterns textures retro-flavored cooking space handmade artisan feel ceramic to durable porcelain hand-cut tiles to elaborate mosaics to the gem-quality of glass natural stone glazed ceramic finish.

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