Our Cabinetry Selection

Cabinetry is one of the most important investments in your home, which is why there are so many things to consider, including getting the best value and style. Designing a dream kitchen is often a once in a lifetime endeavor, which is why we take the time to customize your cabinetry to your needs. Whether it is adding new custom kitchen cabinets, a sink and faucets, an integrated pet station, or even a fabulous range hood to add design interest, it all centers around the kitchen being the heart of your home.

"Standale Home Studio is wonderful! 17 years ago we built our new home and worked with Standale Home Studio. We were very happy when our home was built so we went back to Standale Home Studio as recently we have updated our home with a major remodel project."

Our Process

We walk through 5 steps to ensure we can deliver exactly what you need.

1. Listen to what you need

We will never give you a pre-determined solution.

Every cabinet design project is as unique as the person who it is for. We spend the time to actually listen to what you want, need, like, and overall are looking for when everything is said and done. Our initial in-store consultation gives us an understanding of your style and vision, and is included in every project for free.

2. Work to find a solution within your budget.

What do new cabinets cost?

When determining a solution that fits your needs, the budget you are working with helps us hone in on what we can realistically deliver. Understanding if your project is a new construction or remodel allows us to get a better grasp on what we can do.

3. Identify what is NOT working

What have you tried that you did not like?

Looking into what is not working with your current set up gives us more information to how you use a space, what features are important to you, and what we can avoid when creating your custom design solution. If needed, we can even stop by your home to do a professional on-site measurement. Whether your current space is too small, too dark, or the cabinet doors are falling off, we have heard it all and know the exact solution for you.

4. Design your end product

Custom cabinet design, just for you.

A unique aspect of Standale Home Studio, we create a 3D drawing of your finished product to give you. It can be hard to imagine what new kitchen cabinets or custom cabinets might look like in your home. This allows you to actually see the finished product in your home instead of relying solely on your imagination. You’ll feel confident our work will match your vision before the build team even gets started.

5. Determine realistic timelines that work for you

Debunking the HGTV myth.

A common misconception is how long things take. On one hand, watching a TV show makes it seem like a total remodel can be done in under a week. On the other, we all have heard the horror stories of cabinet installation projects taking months longer than anticipated. This is why we focus so much on finding a timeline that works for you. Understanding doing things properly takes time, we still ensure that your needs come first and do our best to deliver the perfect project in the right time window.

Ready to Transform Your Home?

From traditional to ultra-modern styles, our team has the expertise to help you choose the right materials and aesthetic for your dream home.
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